FBI Was Warned of Nashville Bomber & Police Were Told He Was Building Bombs

What did authorities know about Anthony Q. Warner before the bombings?

In the immediate aftermath of the Christmas day bombing in Nashville, Tennessee, investigators began searching for the owner of the RV which was used in the attack. On December 26th, anonymous sources for CBS News had identified Anthony Quinn Warner, 64, as a person of interest.

Shockingly, it was also revealed that the FBI had recieved at least two tips about Anthony Q. Warner before the Christmas day bombing in Nashville, TN. The nature of these tips remains unknown.

This information was first published in an article by Jeff Peguses, Chief Justice and Homeland Security Correspondent for CBS News. However, this article has since been upated and any reference to this information has been expunged. These details remain visible on a Tweet by CBS Lead National Coorispondant David Begnaud as well as at least onelocal news report.

While we can not expect every terrorist plot to be prevented, we can expect to hold our public officials responsible for their failures and potential acts of negligence which have continued to result in the deaths of hundreds of citizens in recent years. We must now ask ourselves: What did the FBI know about Anthony Q. Warner prior to the bombing?

Furthermore, it has also been revealed that Warner was reported to the police in August 2019 over suspicions that he was manufacturing explosive devices inside of his RV outside of his home. In fact, the individual who reported Warner in 2019 had contacted authorities after the bombing when they recognized the RV in the media.

On December 26, investigators searched a property which, until recently, belonged to Warner. It was revealed that, on November 25th, Warner signed the deed away to Lisa Swing, a woman living in California without her knowledge. According to reports, Swing recieved a letter from Warner in November to reveal that he had transferred ownership of the properties to her. Warner also signed a second property away to Swing in 2019, both of which are on Bakertown Road, Nashville. Swing told investigators she has never met Warner but last spoke to him a week before Thanksgiving. Investigators believe that Warner had a relationship with Swing’s mother. Interestingly, in the letter Warner had written to Swing in Novemeber, he had told her he “intended to travel on Christmas Eve to spend a few weeks in the woods with his dogs.”

The RV used in the Christmas bombing can be seen in a May 2019 Google Maps photo of the address. Additionally, neighbors had reported seeing the RV parked at the address as recently as two weeks before the attack.

By December 27, investigators said that DNA analysis had confirmed that human flesh recovered at the blast site belonged to Warner and he was now presumed dead.

Additionally, bullet casings were recovered at the scene of the bombing. The shells recovered at the scene may corroborate witness accounts of gunfire prior to the bombing and could be crucial to the investigation into the bombing. However, reports oddly suggest the ammunition was set off by the large explosion — a conclusion that seems impossible to determine.

On December 27, reports began to surface which suggested that the motivation behind the attack may have been paranoid delusions about 5G technology and government surveillance. The bomb was positioned outside an AT&T transmission building leading many to speculate that it was the actual target of the attack. The explosion has resulted in outages extending three days after the attack and police emergency systems in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama remain out of service.

Futhermore, Newsweek confirmed that Warner’s father, who died in 2011, worked for BellSouth, a telecommunications company that merged with AT&T in 2006.

This investigaton continues to evolve by the minute. Stay tuned for additional reports.

To Detect Or Disclose A Secret Crime; To Bring To Judgment

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