2017: A Year Of Sustained Islamist Terror On The West

January 6, 2017: Florida Airport Shooting Attack

January 31, 2017: Denver Union Station Shooting Attack

February 3, 2017: Louvre France Terrorist Knife Attack

February 19, 2017: France Islamist Knife Attack

March 9, 2017: Germany Train Station Islamist Ax Attack

March 18, 2017: France Orly Airport Islamist Knife Attack

March 22, 2017: Westminster Bridge, Parliament Islamist Attacks

March 23, 2017: Belgium Islamist Vehicle Attack

March 23 2017: Italy Islamist Vehicle, Knife Attacks

April 7, 2017: Stockholm Sweden Islamist Vehicle Attack

April 19, 2017: France Champs Élysé​e​s Islamist Shooting Attack

May 18, 2017: Milan Italy Train Station Islamist Knife Attack

May 22, 2017: Manchester Concert Islamist Bombing Attack

June 3, 2017: London Bridge Islamist Vehicle, Knife Attack

June 3, 2017: Toronto Canada Islamist Knife Attack

June 5, 2017: Melbourne Australia Islamist Hostage Crisis

June 6, 2017: France Notre Dame Cathedral Knife Attack

June 7, 2017: London Islamist Knife Attack

June 19, 2017 — France Champs Elysées Islamist Attack

June 20, 2017: Belgium Central Station Islamist Bombing

June 21, 2017: Michigan Airport Islamist Knife Attack

July 17, 2017: Spain Border Islamist Knife Attack

July 28, 2017: German Supermarket Islamist Knife Attack

August 6, 2017: France Eiffel Tower Islamist Knife Attack

August 9, 2017: France Islamist Vehicle Attack

August 17, 2017: Spain Islamist Terrorist Attacks

August 18, 2017: Finland Islamist Knife Attack

August 25, 2017: Belgium Islamist Knife Attack

August 25, 2017: London Buckingham Palace Islamist Attack

August 25, 2017: Stockholm Sweden Islamist Knife Attack

September 13, 2017: Toulouse France Islamist Attack

September 15, 2017: London Underground Islamist Bombing

September 15, 2017: France Metro Islamist Knife Attack

September 15, 2017: France Islamist Hammer Attack

September 30, 2017: Edmonton Canada Islamist Attack

October 1, 2017: France Islamist Knife Attack

October 6, 2017: Belgium Train Islamist Knife Attack

October 31, 2017: New York Islamist Vehicle Attack

November 10, 2017: France Islamist Vehicle Attack

Decemeber 11, 2017: New York Subway Islamist Bombing

December 21, 2017: Australia Vehicle Attack

December 22, 2017: Pennsylvania Islamist Shootings




To Detect Or Disclose A Secret Crime; To Bring To Judgment

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To Detect Or Disclose A Secret Crime; To Bring To Judgment

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